I write to remain silent

… 37 weeks

I am considered to be termed by my ever so dearest OB, routine check-up went well, another ultrasound to pacify the mommy, monitor all activity – this one surpasses everything she kicks like there’s no tomorrow.

SO far – we didn’t go crazy buying baby stuff, this is our 2nd child, we are way practical than before. haha. We have however, purchased a Graco Pack n’ Play crib – this will be used for about 2 to 3 years depending on the baby and our preference. I have not really had the strength to shop – aside from the fact my husband does not allow me to go out alone. I somehow managed to ask help from a real good friend to buy a few items for the baby.

Purchased / acquired the following items:

  • those tiny tie-side thingies I hate (but is compulsory).
  • booties / socks
  • 3 bonnets
  • 3 pairs of mittens
  • new born dypees just 1 pack ( I purchased a bamboo cloth diaper)
  • 3 small bottles (just incase my milk doesn’t make it on time)
  • maternity pads
  • alcohol
  • vaseline petroleum jelly – a small jar
  • oh yes I splurged on a Baby Couture Diaper bag – just because I wanted to. (evil grin)

aside from that we didn’t drown ourselves in baby comforters or pillows, we decided to play it by ear and see what we would actually need and use.

We’re packed and ready as well.

  • baby bag (with baby items)
  • laptop (because my husband has to work)
  • SmartBro (because we’re not sure how the wi-fi is at the hospital)
  • Pens (yes 3 pens)
  • clothes
  • ATMs
  • phone chargers

I guess this it for now.  My next post will reveal how everything went. :)


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