I write to remain silent

… 35 weeks

during this time – I cannot begin to “complain” halfheartedly about the pains that have increased rapidly  – my bulging belly is just enormous. haha I can’t really complain – I am quite happy to be pregnant and to be carrying another girl in my womb.

But man, my back hurts like hell, I have been incapable of bending anymore, I can’t see my toes as well. The usual and common task of trimming my toenails have been an extreme challenge, thankfully my husband has willingly trimmed my toenails. I have lost the beautiful pregnant glow replaced by a very tired glow – but like I said who’s to complain. Despite everything else, I am pretty much happy.

iPregnant – changes and what not

33 weeks and counting — I have not officially shopped yet. I plan to do it by the 2nd week of July. Money has been tight around the house and I want to be practical about a lot of things.I’ve gained a tremendous amount of weight that I am not “really” complaining about (yet) but I have to admit I am quite enjoying looking round and bloated, the feeling of how my little one jabs and kicks.

I’ve managed somehow to squeeze in time to get my feet pampered, cleaned and neatly shaped nails. I didn’t bother to have nail polish slathered on them, it’s pretty futile I’ll have to remove it soon enough.

My hair has been chopped by 7 inches last time, I see that it needs to be chopped again, that’s next on my list — I will get a decent haircut at a respectable and decent salon. The numbness (which by the way is normal) of my fingers are manageable on “certain” days. I’d rather keep them busy and exercised than do nothing about it.

My belly has stopped stretching but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped using my body butter or my oil — yes truth is stretchmarks are part of my pregnancy and it cannot be avoided, I just might as well, enjoy the smoother and supple skin texture I get out of using these lotions. Going back to my hair, it has been pretty dry lately, I’ve been using intensive moisture conditioners just to keep it the dryness at bay.

Did I mention that my skin has been pretty blotchy, I look a bit more tired than usual, I guess my restless slumber is taking its toll, I’ve had weird and “tiring” dreams lately, I read somewhere that it has something to do with my anxiety about giving birth. I have fears that I do not wish to discuss and I have greater FAITH that my baby will come out healthy and normal and that I will have a safe delivery, and a fast recovery as well.

Soooo wish me luck. :)


pregnant at 34

Being pregnant changes everything from the way you breathe to the way you eat.  I have been blessed to be carrying my 2nd child – I’m on my 2nd trimester now, the morning sickness has disappeared, the fatigue has “slightly” faded replaced by insatiable hungry. The weight I don’t mind gaining, I can “EASILY” lose 50 pounds after hahaahhaaha – but who am I kidding? I know it will be a long and challenging road. My 1st born is 8 years old, sooo now it’s starting all over again.

My age plays a huge factor, and my finances as well. We had plans for this year, bringing A to the beach, saving up BIG TIME to secure ourselves a permanent home etc. then I found out on January 2nd, I was 7 weeks with child. SHOCKED!!! but I firmly believe the baby I am carrying is a blessing.

Who would have thought after 8 years … hahahahaha. enough about intimate details.



No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

I love cooking ___ I am a frustrated chef deep inside. haha. This is an attempt to make a no bake blueberry cheesecake, I have to admit it does taste mighty good. :)

The recipe (I chanced upon this recipe from a friend of a friend)

2 bars of Cream Cheese

1 brick Cream (although you’re only going to use half of it)

1 small envelope Knox Unflavored Gelatin or if you can’t find Knox, Alsa will do the job just as well.

1/2 cup sugar

1 1/2 cup water

1 tsp. grated lemon rind or 1/8 tsp of vanilla

1 1/2 cup of crushed Graham crackers.

1/2 stick of butter

Topping of your choice (there are canned blueberry, cherry, strawberry toppings in the groceries), or shaved chocolate.


- Melt Butter and pour on cookie crumbs.  Mix and line on pie pan.  Make sure that it’s weighed down for an even crust.

- In a saucepan, bring water gradually to a boil, melt sugar, Knox gelatin and then add cream.  Then, add chunk after chunk of cream cheese until you get a really creamy mixture.  Let cool.  After it has cooled down, add either your vanilla or grated lemon rind.

- Pour on pie crust and refrigerate for 1 hour or so until it sets.

- Top with your choice of toppings.


Steve Jobs is gone. Much to my dismay – I never had enough courage to go ahead and buy the overly priced iPhones. I succumbed to using his iPods for my music needs – I have always wanted to go ahead and splurge on an iTouch or an iPhone. But each time I have managed to convince myself to purchase one – I eventually end up not purchasing one, the harsh reality is if I do get to buy one, it would only mean I thought only of myself – not thinking of what the needs of my family are. iAMSELFISH haha.

The iPhones is not for the overly budget conscious people. (ahem) BUT we have dogs – combined price would be enough to get an MacPro. Now where does the budget conscious person fall in? hahaha the dogs make me and my family happy. EVEN if it means having to clean the house 2 to 3 times a day, mopping the floor because of little accidents.

Oh well, going back – Steve Jobs has inspired a lot of people, he revolutionized the world in his on little way, he made people work harder because they are saving up for one, students study harder because its an incentive from their parents, and the arrogant more arrogant, acquiring the newest phone “just because”… yada yada.

At the back of my mind, I’ve always wanted one, dreamed of one, lusted for one. Reality check, I can yes afford one, but I am not willing to spend for a phone that I “may” accidentally throw in my fits of fury, that may fall off the bed, that I may suddenly drop in the pool. I went for the next practical and yet social networking friendly phone the blackberry. Reasonably priced, it won’t make me feel bad that my daughter dropped it – hahahaha

Maybe one day – I’ll muster enough courage and walk into the MAC store and come out with one. till them hats off to you Steve.

Working From Home

Years ago I would have frowned on the idea of working from home, but that changed when I gave birth. I wanted to be “with” my daughter. I was approached by my Manager and was offered a position to work from home. She sold the idea to me and in an instant my whole life changed.

My whole outlook changed – I thought it would be easy. It was far from easy. I had to constantly check my internet connection, I had to make sure the room I was working at was quiet and free from distractions, let alone I had to make sure my toddler was cared for.

The pay was not bad at all. No taxes were deducted, I got paid on time, the internet connection was paid for by the company I was working for.

I worked 18 hours a day at times, I was greedy and had the constant need to make sure I had enough to cover for everything. My hair grew longer, my skin became pale … I realized I was spending too much time indoors and did not have enough time to enjoy anything at all.

That’s all in the past now. – Today, I still work a ton of hours everyday – BUT I keep my weekends FREE. and I MAKE time to be with my daughter and my husband.

Even if it means – having a quick snack with my daughter or taking time to comb her hair before she goes to school. It means a lot to her. My husband and I have developed a routine wherein we have coffee before his day starts, we talk about anything under the sun, anything that we want to. It was our personal time to be a couple.

Things you must have when you decide to work from home:

  1. A RELIABLE Connection – no brainer!
  2. A good USB headset – I recommend using a USB headset – the sound quality is better than others, but it depends on the brand if you prefer to use the jack type ones.
  3. a 3in1 printer (scanner, copier, and printer) – you will need to scan or print a document once in awhile and think of the inconvenience of going to a shop to have a document scanned printed.
  4. A UPS (uninterrupted power supply) – this will ensure that when power fluctuates in your area your computer will not just shut down, it will give you enough time to shit it down properly, hence prolonging its life.

Those are the basics — below are the unspoken items needed are to last.

  1. COFFEE – if you’re a coffee drinker TEA can do well if you don’t drink coffee
  2. CRACKERS or any instant cereal drink will do, for those sudden hunger pangs
  3. Jelly beans or gummy bears – anything chewable
  4. the number of all 24 hour food delivery establishments in your area. :)
  5. an Air-conditioning unit if you can afford this luxury – this will be needed during those hot and long summer days.
  6. an electric fan – if you don’t have a window for fresh air this will be very much needed.

On top of everything I listed so far, you will need to be disciplined and have good time management skills. You should find other activities that will make your work enjoyable and keep you entertained. You should know how to budget your finances accordingly, there will be times you will experience a delay in your pay – you need to have foresight when it comes to this part – I find paying off all my bills first, working well for me when it comes to budgeting my money.

Ideally, your environment should be free from any noise, but if you’re in a situation that this alone will be a challenge, make the most out of it, either find a work from home project that allows you to work at nights where everyone else is sleeping OR find a project that will only entail you to do non-voice support.

I know this sounds a lot to work from home – but in the end you eventually reap the rewards. :)