I write to remain silent

Meal time is family time

In the past 2 years and 9 months, I have cooked the following dishes for my family. My husband thought I couldn’t cook at all. Google and recipe books helped me a lot. :) Chef Google lang ang katapat most of the time.

  • Pork Adobo
    Pork Sinigang
    Nilagang Pork
    Nilagang Beef
    Chicken Tinola
    Fried chicken southern style
    Fried chicken Max’s style
    Breaded porkchops
    Pork Menudo
    Beef Mechado
  • Beef Pares
    Korean beef stew
    Tokwa’t baboy
    Miki mami
    Pasta Carbonara – A’s all time favorite
    Beef Lasagna
    Pork dumplings
    California Maki
    Grilled liempo
    Tofu steak
    Asian chicken salad
    Burger steak
    Chicken cordon bleu
    grilled steaks
    creamy beefsteak ala chinchin
    salt and pepper spareribs
    tomato and herb pasta
    tuna carbonara
    Bicol express
    Ginisang Sayote
    Ginisang Pechay
    Crispy fried Tilapia
    Daing na Bangus
    Garlic Butter shrimps
    Chicken curry
    crispy pork binagoongan


Yes – I have evolved from just waiting to be served my meals into preparing meals for my family, we have the usual Friday / Saturday is take-out / Pizza day – or when mommy is too lazy to cook day. :) My family loves to eat, I love good food, we binge at times, guilty as charged. I am not good with desserts but I know where the best cakes and pies can be bought, so it works well for us.

Meat is good, but I always take into account that our meals should be balanced somehow, I try my best to avoid cooking too much pork in a week, I go for beef or chicken breast fillets or fish. I once made them eat only vegetables for a whole week, it worked for me, but come the weekend they were asking if they could order pizza I gave in. hahahaha

Meal time is family time, we talk about anything or sometimes watch TV together or just enjoy the food, despite the busy schedules we have we make sure we get to eat together. Going to the malls always includes trying out a new resto – we want to cultivate our palettes, mahirap naman ang walang culture diba?

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