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From birthing – NICU – being home

I gave birth as scheduled on the 31st, it was not the dream or plan of events that I hoped would happen. First of, the weather was ghastly it was pouring real hard, they could not find my designated anesthesiologist – they had to source one from another hospital – okay that clear, next the epidural I wanted was not available, they had to give me another one. I said OKAY.

The birth itself – she came out crying … then she stopped. (dead silence was the only noise I could hear) the nurses and all the doctors were shuffling left and right, I didn’t know what the f*** was going on, I asked the anesthesiologist where my baby was, she then explained that the baby sucked on a lot of water and they were suctioning it out, OKAY ( this is coming from a very drugged and groggy mother) they were asking me to breathe in and out – I was very much aware of everything so much for being drugged and confused, right?


… 37 weeks

I am considered to be termed by my ever so dearest OB, routine check-up went well, another ultrasound to pacify the mommy, monitor all activity – this one surpasses everything she kicks like there’s no tomorrow.

SO far – we didn’t go crazy buying baby stuff, this is our 2nd child, we are way practical than before. haha. We have however, purchased a Graco Pack n’ Play crib – this will be used for about 2 to 3 years depending on the baby and our preference. I have not really had the strength to shop – aside from the fact my husband does not allow me to go out alone. I somehow managed to ask help from a real good friend to buy a few items for the baby.

Purchased / acquired the following items:

  • those tiny tie-side thingies I hate (but is compulsory).
  • booties / socks
  • 3 bonnets
  • 3 pairs of mittens
  • new born dypees just 1 pack ( I purchased a bamboo cloth diaper)
  • 3 small bottles (just incase my milk doesn’t make it on time)
  • maternity pads
  • alcohol
  • vaseline petroleum jelly – a small jar
  • oh yes I splurged on a Baby Couture Diaper bag – just because I wanted to. (evil grin)

aside from that we didn’t drown ourselves in baby comforters or pillows, we decided to play it by ear and see what we would actually need and use.

We’re packed and ready as well.

  • baby bag (with baby items)
  • laptop (because my husband has to work)
  • SmartBro (because we’re not sure how the wi-fi is at the hospital)
  • Pens (yes 3 pens)
  • clothes
  • ATMs
  • phone chargers

I guess this it for now.  My next post will reveal how everything went. :)


… 35 weeks

during this time – I cannot begin to “complain” halfheartedly about the pains that have increased rapidly¬† – my bulging belly is just enormous. haha I can’t really complain – I am quite happy to be pregnant and to be carrying another girl in my womb.

But man, my back hurts like hell, I have been incapable of bending anymore, I can’t see my toes as well. The usual and common task of trimming my toenails have been an extreme challenge, thankfully my husband has willingly trimmed my toenails. I have lost the beautiful pregnant glow replaced by a very tired glow – but like I said who’s to complain. Despite everything else, I am pretty much happy.

iPregnant – changes and what not

33 weeks and counting — I have not officially shopped yet. I plan to do it by the 2nd week of July. Money has been tight around the house and I want to be practical about a lot of things.I’ve gained a tremendous amount of weight that I am not “really” complaining about (yet) but I have to admit I am quite enjoying looking round and bloated, the feeling of how my little one jabs and kicks.

I’ve managed somehow to squeeze in time to get my feet pampered, cleaned and neatly shaped nails. I didn’t bother to have nail polish slathered on them, it’s pretty futile I’ll have to remove it soon enough.

My hair has been chopped by 7 inches last time, I see that it needs to be chopped again, that’s next on my list — I will get a decent haircut at a respectable and decent salon. The numbness (which by the way is normal) of my fingers are manageable on “certain” days. I’d rather keep them busy and exercised than do nothing about it.

My belly has stopped stretching but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped using my body butter or my oil — yes truth is stretchmarks are part of my pregnancy and it cannot be avoided, I just might as well, enjoy the smoother and supple skin texture I get out of using these lotions. Going back to my hair, it has been pretty dry lately, I’ve been using intensive moisture conditioners just to keep it the dryness at bay.

Did I mention that my skin has been pretty blotchy, I look a bit more tired than usual, I guess my restless slumber is taking its toll, I’ve had weird and “tiring” dreams lately, I read somewhere that it has something to do with my anxiety about giving birth. I have fears that I do not wish to discuss and I have greater FAITH that my baby will come out healthy and normal and that I will have a safe delivery, and a fast recovery as well.

Soooo wish me luck. :)


pregnant at 34

Being pregnant changes everything from the way you breathe to the way you eat.¬† I have been blessed to be carrying my 2nd child – I’m on my 2nd trimester now, the morning sickness has disappeared, the fatigue has “slightly” faded replaced by insatiable hungry. The weight I don’t mind gaining, I can “EASILY” lose 50 pounds after hahaahhaaha – but who am I kidding? I know it will be a long and challenging road. My 1st born is 8 years old, sooo now it’s starting all over again.

My age plays a huge factor, and my finances as well. We had plans for this year, bringing A to the beach, saving up BIG TIME to secure ourselves a permanent home etc. then I found out on January 2nd, I was 7 weeks with child. SHOCKED!!! but I firmly believe the baby I am carrying is a blessing.

Who would have thought after 8 years … hahahahaha. enough about intimate details.