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Cloth Diapers

Amidst my own personal skepticism, I gave cloth diapers a try. Not the traditional lampin and diaper clip type of thing, the more modern way to do it. I purchased my first cloth diaper from BambooDappy www.bamboodappy.com , I chanced upon it at SM Baby Co. while shopping for a few baby items, I didn’t do any research about cloth diapering yet, I just happen to see a few online stores offering cloth diapers, I didn’t get to use it till my baby was about 6 weeks ( the weather during her first weeks was horrible, remember Habagat?) so I stuck to good old disposies.

Fast forward: I used it once and said – oohkay. still not convinced. I gave it another shot. This time I said OK so it works, next step was to talk to my husband about it, defending the cost -  ahhh yes the initial purchase is not that pricey but if you’re on a budgeted household like we are, things like these has to be discussed. After proving my point (which I always do) – pumayag na din sya. hahahaha (evil laughter) I started doing more research (online shopping) and looking for the best brand. Bamboo Dappy is between Php 500.00 to 600.00, I chanced upon Baby Leaf and Next9, these brands are cheaper and claim to work just as efficient at Php 350.00 — great I bought from Baby Leaf for the simple reason na ang ganda ng designs eh! hahahaha can you blame me? I have a baby girl. I bought their inserts as well and that insert pouch.

I noticed that BabyLeaf seems to be smaller in size and bit more slim – BambooDappy is a bit bulky. The insert of BabyLeaf is just as fluffy but is not made from Bamboo, it’s ultrasoft microfleece, it dries faster as well. I would probably update this entry later on – it’s just my first week using BabyLeaf, so far I am leaning towards BabyLeaf because it dries faster. Aside from that they have the same performance. Side note: My husband prefers BambooDappy because he fears that since the BabyLeaf diaper is smaller our baby will soon outgrow it.

Tip for new cloth diaper users before purchasing a HUGE stash of diapers, ask yourself muna if this kind of lifestyle fits you and your family, consider the people around you as well, I personally decided on using cloth diapers because it’s practical in the long run and also it helps save Mother Earth, don’t get  me wrong I am not going crazy about it, I just believe that there’s just too much waste. I believe in recycling and going green as well. I do my part in saving and conserving.

Going back to my tip, cloth diapering means washing them everyday or every other day, for me I prefer to wash them everyday.  Here’s a blog I chanced upon and maybe this will give you a bigger and clearer picture: http://www.tickledmoms.com/category/cloth-diapering/

This entry I intended to be short haha but oh well. Now time to get back to work.

BY NATURE Handmade Soaps

I am not a reseller of any kind – I just love the soaps by BNHS, I discovered them on one my trips to the Echo Store at the Podium, I was in my 2nd trimester and was looking for a soap of kind to further moisturize my already very dry skin, I chanced upon the Golden Honey Oats soap bar, I bought one and took it home with me, despite arriving pretty late I just had to take a warm bath to soothe me, I tried the soap and true to it’s word it’s unscented and refreshing, there was no immediate magic, but after about 3 days of using the soap I noticed my KP on my arms have healed and my once rough elbows are now supple, I continued to use it without fail until I gave birth, like all new mothers my skin was not at its best – recovering from my c-section, I asked my husband to scrub my back with a loofa, he noticed how much skin I was shedding, literally libag-like (yes I am also brutally frank) he scrubbed my whole back and saw my newly exfoliated back emerge, I attributed it to my using my Golden Honey Oats bar, I have further tried out different bars, but still go back to BNHS, it works well for me.