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My Cloth Diaper : Laundry Essentials

Over the past 6 months I’ve experimented with different types of detergents that are cloth diaper safe and at the same time that would make me happy. I started out with Cyle Mild Laundry Detergent – this one was a mild scent to it, proven to be hypoallergenic, can be purchased at a grocery near me which was great but for me it took 4 to 5 rinses to make sure the nappies are all rinsed out that’s the only thing I didn’t like about it. I moved on to Charlie’s Soap just because I read about it and heard great reviews about it in a forum I joined, Charlie’s Soap has no scent at all, it rinses out well and it gives me the feeling of clean that I want BUT this is just based on my experience I’ve read somewhere that it causes rashes for other babies, but to each is own, right? the only slight disadvantage about it is, shedding out Php 650.00 for a tub, unlike Cycles it comes in packs of 3′s for Php 100.00 plus Charlie’s Soap isn’t available at local groceries, it can however be purchased online through online multiply sellers and can be purchased at SM Baby Company. I purchase mine online it’s more convenient for me that way. A tub would last 2 to 3 months depending on what I wash aside from Cloth Diapers. The next one I tried out was the all famous Tide Original (US) like Charlie’s Soap I read about it and decided to give it a shot, works well, no stink or repelling issues, BUT this one I only had the chance to get a box when I had the opportunity to go to Duty Free Philippines and I’ve also heard it’s available at S&R, but both are inaccessible to me.

I use Oxiclean Baby for stubborn stains, this is a product not readily available off the rack, I purchased mine online and at times there’s a certain scarcity of the product, I just purchased a tub and used just for the heck of it really, I don’t see the need of using it regularly.

Last on my list is Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover, like all the products I purchased I heard and read about it, this one works well on SPOTS, so if you have a HUGE spot like the size of your palm you’re better off using Oxiclean. Like Oxiclean Baby I used it on poop stains, those tiny little stubborn stains – it works well.

At the end of the day, it’s really up to you on what you want to use, as long as it works for you then so be it right?

Cloth Diapers

Amidst my own personal skepticism, I gave cloth diapers a try. Not the traditional lampin and diaper clip type of thing, the more modern way to do it. I purchased my first cloth diaper from BambooDappy www.bamboodappy.com , I chanced upon it at SM Baby Co. while shopping for a few baby items, I didn’t do any research about cloth diapering yet, I just happen to see a few online stores offering cloth diapers, I didn’t get to use it till my baby was about 6 weeks ( the weather during her first weeks was horrible, remember Habagat?) so I stuck to good old disposies.

Fast forward: I used it once and said – oohkay. still not convinced. I gave it another shot. This time I said OK so it works, next step was to talk to my husband about it, defending the cost -  ahhh yes the initial purchase is not that pricey but if you’re on a budgeted household like we are, things like these has to be discussed. After proving my point (which I always do) – pumayag na din sya. hahahaha (evil laughter) I started doing more research (online shopping) and looking for the best brand. Bamboo Dappy is between Php 500.00 to 600.00, I chanced upon Baby Leaf and Next9, these brands are cheaper and claim to work just as efficient at Php 350.00 — great I bought from Baby Leaf for the simple reason na ang ganda ng designs eh! hahahaha can you blame me? I have a baby girl. I bought their inserts as well and that insert pouch.

I noticed that BabyLeaf seems to be smaller in size and bit more slim – BambooDappy is a bit bulky. The insert of BabyLeaf is just as fluffy but is not made from Bamboo, it’s ultrasoft microfleece, it dries faster as well. I would probably update this entry later on – it’s just my first week using BabyLeaf, so far I am leaning towards BabyLeaf because it dries faster. Aside from that they have the same performance. Side note: My husband prefers BambooDappy because he fears that since the BabyLeaf diaper is smaller our baby will soon outgrow it.

Tip for new cloth diaper users before purchasing a HUGE stash of diapers, ask yourself muna if this kind of lifestyle fits you and your family, consider the people around you as well, I personally decided on using cloth diapers because it’s practical in the long run and also it helps save Mother Earth, don’t get  me wrong I am not going crazy about it, I just believe that there’s just too much waste. I believe in recycling and going green as well. I do my part in saving and conserving.

Going back to my tip, cloth diapering means washing them everyday or every other day, for me I prefer to wash them everyday.  Here’s a blog I chanced upon and maybe this will give you a bigger and clearer picture: http://www.tickledmoms.com/category/cloth-diapering/

This entry I intended to be short haha but oh well. Now time to get back to work.