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a GAP of 8 years

The title says it all, like what the hell was I thinking???¬† It’s being a new mom all over again, I thought I was past the stage of diapers and breastfeeding, not to mention diapers and bottles – yes the whole 9 yards.

I’ve been surviving on 2 hour naps here and there, that’s selfish of me, WE have been surviving on naps. I have to give credit to my husband for doing his best to be a hands-on dad, instead of a hands-off, thank you ma’am kind of dad. He makes sure I get to rest somehow, it’s challenging for him to go through this – at his age and his history it’s all new to him, so I have tried my best to keep my bitching to myself.

I’m mixed-feeding my child, not because I don’t have milk, but because it’s a decision my husband and I decided on. He and I had a loooong talk about it and I said I was willing to do it and would need to have his support, I read somewhere that in order to be able to exclusively breastfeed I have to inform everyone about it and seek their support, my husband believes in breastfeeding and the powers of it. BUT he believes that it’s a personal choice between parents and with him seeing what I went through, he goes by the saying a happy mom equals a happy baby, a happy wife = a happy home.

I work 8 hours a day (or so) and we have no full-time help, we’re basically on our own, I work from home and so does he soooo I thought it would be great to get into this whole business of exclusively breastfeeding our child, my daughter has no problems switching and latching, she latches like a leech on an open-wound (yes I know gross) but that’s how it is. She gets to feed about 3 to 4 times a day from me. I offer my breast to her when she cries in the middle of the night and whenever possible.

I felt guilty for choosing to mix feed her, and then I stumble upon a certain blog (which I forgot which one) that spoke of certain insecurities I had as a mother, this particular entry enlightened me in so many ways.   http://glamomamas.com/2011/05/breastfeeding-it%E2%80%99s-choice/

Enough of that, I respect all the advocates of different movements and organizations, I may not practice exclusive breastfeeding but that does not make me less of a mother or less of a woman.