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Babywearing time to be maSaYa

after 6 weeks of reading and researching about babyslings, I finally decided on which brand I would go for. I finally made my choice, placed and paid for my order thru an online store found on Multiply -http://fabnaima.multiply.com/

I decided to get the SSK printed teal design, I decided on the Semi-stretch material instead of the VersaTek material which can be compared to material used for Yoga clothes, the only difficulty I encountered was deciding which size to get, I am not really plus sized but since I have been blessed to sport 38C’s my shirt size meant I was an XL, the SSK sizing is shirt dependent, if you want help in deciding which size is best for you or which carrier, here’s 2 links of blogs that helped me out: http://krazekitch.blogspot.com/2011/03/everything-na-ma-saya.html and http://painterswife.com/2010/07/09/saya-baby-carrier-review-how-to/

both blogs give thorough details soooo read on. :) I cannot wait till my order arrives, before I went ahead and purchased it I thought like a hundred times first, because it’s not inexpensive, it’s a luxury item one can go without, being the thrifty lady I am, I even considered making my own, which I eventually will I think if I find enough time to do it.

Here are the reasons why I bought one:

  1. I like the concept of baby wearing
  2. I want to be handsfree (like I said in a previous post we don’t have help or a kasambahay)
  3. I want to start going for walks with my little one around the neighborhood without worrying (plus to jumpstart my weight-loss)
  4. I think it’s one way of communing with the natural mother in me.
  5. It gives meĀ  sense of being traditional.

So much for that – I will post photos once I get my hands on my SSK.


I absolutely love my SaYa!!!




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